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a new Innovation on the Book Market

What is a Book-Clip?
A Book-Clip is a visual realisation of a book’s content; similar to the way it has existed in the music business for a long time.
It is a 3 minutes video clip, accompanied by music and words, trying to depict the story and emotion of the book.

What is the aim of a Book-Clip?
With our Book-Clips we try to pay attention to new books of all kind on the market. Our aim is to fascinate the people not only through words, but also through visual images.

Who is our target audience?
Our targets are publishing companies who are ready to promote new released books in a “special” way. A Book-Clip is used for promotion purposes.

Where and how can Book-Clips be used?

  • For promotions on the internet
  • In book stores (requires DVD-player or PC)
  • For lectures
  • For literature programs on TV
  • For authors as an introduction for their books
For more information, please contact:

TopTopVideo, Ch. Gasser
Brauerstrasse 110, 8004 Zurich


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